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What does Full Service Entail?

Phase 1: Interior Architecture

Phase 2: Design Concept & Visualisations

Phase 3: Technical Specification

Phase 4: Procurement

Phase 5: Design Management

Phase 6: Final Install


Phase 1: At the start of the project we work in tandem with the Architects on the Interior Architecture. We recommend bringing us onboard at the same time an architect is assigned. We can also recommend our preferred architects if needed, we feel that having a design and architecture team in place who have a history of working well together makes for a great project!

Phase 2: Once we are all happy with the interior layout, we then move onto the Design Concept. The conceptualisation process is an iterative and collaborative effort between us and the client, with the goal of creating a design that meets the client's needs and reflects their personal style. We can create realistic visualisations for those clients who may struggle to visualise themselves.

Phase 3: The technical specification covers a wide range of areas from electrical and plumbing plans, to tile plans, joinery specifications, panelling schedules and more!

Phase 4: Procurement is where we start to source all the individual items for the project, from designing bespoke furniture to sourcing antiques and one off pieces from markets, online and specific trade dealers.

Phase 5: Design Management is the process of overseeing the execution of the design, we are on site regularly checking in on the trades making sure the vision becomes reality.

Phase 6: Lastly, The final install, this is usually over a week depending on the size of the project. This week is full of moving parts and complex details, its the last push to get everything ready for the clients moving home!

Our Fee for Full Service varies project to project.

To understand more about this service and how we can help, please drop us an email and we can schedule a call.

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