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Our Hybrid Design is a mix between Full Service and E-Design. Aimed at clients who need a more help than E-Design but not quite as much as Full Service. We have found the sweet spot between the two, with our most flexible service to suit your specific needs.


How does it work?

We jump on a call to discuss the scope of works and understand what rooms you need help with. Unlike full service that is fixed to the whole house, with Hybrid you can scale back and focus on the most important rooms.

As we build up your tailored design package we start off with a room design and build on it from there.


The room design as standard includes: 


2D Layouts

Concept Design

Shopping list*

*unless procurement is added on, then we can manage or assist with managing the purchasing

The below are the 'add-ons' that can differ room to room to suit your needs:

Electrical Plans

Tile Plans

Carpentry Plans

Bespoke Furniture Design 

Bespoke Lighting Design

Antique Fair Sourcing 

3D Visualisations


Access to our black book of trades

Lastly, we can also add on Site Visits & Consultation calls if required.

We usually spread these out to cover the key milestones throughout the project. For clients who are based in, and around London Site Visits are a great option to get a little more support throughout the project, but that's not to say Hybrid isn't suitable if you are further afield as we can hop on a video call and chat through any questions your builders are throwing your way! 

We will need measurements in advance of your room before we can begin. Alternative we can add on another site visit to the package for us to come round to measure up for you.

Hybrid is not available on single room projects and has a minimum fee of £12,000

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